• Auto Debug for Windows - Automatic trace APIs input/output values.
      Auto Debug Feature Lite Version Standard Version Professional Version
      API Trace Yes Yes Yes
      Time stamp Yes Yes Yes
      Show Exception Information Yes Yes Yes
      Show OutputdebugString Yes Yes Yes
      Show CallStack Yes Yes Yes
      Show GetLastError Yes Yes Yes
      Support Extends MapFile No No Yes
      Show CPU Register No No Yes
      Support Remote DebugAgent No No Yes
      Real-Time Remote DebugAgent Monitor No No Yes
      Analysis Standard PDB *1 No Yes Yes
      Analysis PDB *2 No No Yes
      Source Code Level Monitor No No Yes

      *1 : Standard PDB means you have the source code and using VC to generate pdb files.

      *2 : Analysis PDB means you can generate pdb without the application source code, you can found a sample from pdbsamplecomdlg32 path which can generate the comdlg32.dll's pdb file, and the Professional Version can using this pdb file to monitor comdlg32.dll's exported APIs. (Standard Version can not using this pdb file) .

    • Auto Debug for .Net - Automatic trace .Net Application.
      • Support VB.NET, C#, and all managed programs.
      • Recording input parameters and return value of the methods which are set breakpoints in the target program. Therefore, not need to compile the source code, you can monitor the input and return value of methods.
      • Supporting debug version and release version, not need source code.
      • Supporting multithread. Through displaying sequence chart, easy get sequence relationship between all the threads.
    • CopyPath - CopyPath allow you copy file or folder path name to clipboard.
      • CopyPath allow you copy file or folder path name to clipboard.
      • Install

        1. Copy copypath.dll to c:windowssystem32
        2. Run regsvr32.exe copypath.dll
      • Uninstall

        1. Run regsvr32.exe /u copypath.dll
        2. Close explorer.exe
        3. delete copypath.dll
    • KillProcess - kill selected process.
      • Terminate any executing process in milliseconds.
      • Terminate multiple processes at once.
      • Terminate service process.