Auto Debug On Line Help

Selecting functions to trace

All functions exported by the program's modules can be selectively included or excluded from tracing. Choose Tools - Select Functions in the main menu, or click on this icon in the toolbar to choose which functions to include or exclude:

The following window will open:

Select Functions

In it, you will see a tree-like list of functions grouped by module and by their parent class. You can make wholesale selections of all functions in a module or in a class, or select them individually.

It is easy to exhaust the computer's resources by selecting too many functions, especially those that will be called many times. Make your selections wisely. For example, it hardly makes any sense to select all available functions in a complex program: if you do so, and even if you do not run out of resources before the trace is complete, you will probably have a hard time finding what you are looking for in the trace output.

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