Auto Debug On Line Help

Attaching to a running process

Auto Debug does not have to launch a program in order to trace it. It can be attached to a process that is already running - be it a user program or a Windows service, such as IIS or ISAPI.

To do that, select File - Attach in the main menu, or click on this icon in the toolbar:

You will see a list of all running processes, where you can pick one to attach to:

Process list options:

  • Refresh: because the running processes are not sampled automatically, if you start a new process after you have opened the process list, you will not see it unless you press this button.
  • Hide Main Window: you can also select a running process for tracing by dragging its window and dropping it onto the process list. To make that easier, Auto Debug's main window disappears when you select this opiton.

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