Auto Debug On Line Help

Restarting a trace

Auto Debug remembers all parameters and function selections of the last trace it performed during the current session, making it easy to repeat the same trace job, possibly with new parameter values or altered function selections.

Choose File - Restart in the main menu, or click on this icon in the toolbar to re-run a trace or to re-attach to a running process:

If the target program is still running, Auto Debug will attach itself to it, rather than restart it. Otherwise, it will launch a new instance of the program, but before it does so, it will show the function selection menu with the default settings from the previous run.

It is not necessary to recapture and setting monitor functions when debug service program, such as IIS.

Note that in order to keep the settings between sessions, you need to save a project. Later, you can open it and have all the settings restored.

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